Our full suite of support and resources empower startups to develop bold new technologies that solve industry challenges.

A Commitment to Collaboration

Molex Ventures is a key player in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, fostering and accelerating growth through strategic relationships with startups and affiliates. We support innovative thinkers whose ideas closely align with our mission and areas of focus, and collaborate with those companies to bring their vision to market.

We provide a rich combination of engineering, manufacturing, intellectual, property and licensing strategies, as well as productive relationships with leading industry companies and venture capital firms. Our full range of support options and resources empower startups to solve industry challenges with bold new technologies.

A History of Innovation

Molex Ventures is a subsidiary of Molex Electronic Technologies, LLC, an industry-leading electronics solutions provider with a global presence and a proud legacy of innovation. With a portfolio of over 100,000 electronic products, a proven commitment to R&D and manufacturing facilities across the globe, Molex brings the technical expertise and global presence to support startups at every stage.

A Strong Backing

As part of the Koch family of companies, Molex and Molex Ventures belong to a powerful global network of corporate organizations with more than 100,000 employees in more than 60 countries, all dedicated to improving the products that meet the needs of consumers every single day.