Molex Ventures offers entrepreneurs comprehensive support at every stage of development.

At Molex Ventures, we know that the most meaningful innovations emerge from collaboration. That’s why we offer entrepreneurs comprehensive support at every stage of development. Our commitment goes above and beyond financial investment, encompassing everything startups need to bring their vision to life.

Sales, Marketing and Supply

By working with Molex Ventures, startups can gain access to a portfolio of over 100,000 Molex electronic products, proven across industries. Our engineers can assist with design, incorporating Molex components to maximize performance and reliability. Startups may also leverage robust Molex manufacturing capabilities to produce solutions quickly and at scale.

Research and Pilot Projects

Testing and exploration are important steps toward innovation — and Molex Ventures facilitates them in a lower-risk environment. Using us as a pilot customer, startups can field-test their solutions to identify and resolve concerns prior to market entry. Researchers and institutions can also join forces with our experts to explore new solutions and capabilities.


Through a robust set of licensing options, we help entrepreneurs expand the reach of their solutions and leverage industry-leading electronics expertise from Molex. Startups licensing their solutions to Molex Ventures can produce the innovative solutions the world needs, while enjoying the financial stability of a licensing agreement.

Joint Development Agreements

A joint development agreement (JDA) is an effective tool for accelerating speed-to-market that benefits both parties. Molex Ventures gains access to the future-ready electronics capabilities of a startup organization, while the startup gains access to robust Molex resources that include manufacturing, engineering, sales and business development, quality and marketing communications.

Equity Investment

By making strategic equity investments in promising early-stage companies, Molex Ventures nurtures startups with the greatest potential to make a positive impact on industries and society. These investments provide companies with access to R&D, engineering, manufacturing and other Molex resources, empowering them to develop forward-thinking solutions faster and more effectively.

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